Our Top Tours

Not sure on a destination for your next school tour?

See our Top 5 tours and most popular as suggested itineraries. Our experienced travel managers will help create a tailer made itinerary that is unique and beneficial to you and your students.

Ancient & Modern History

Italy, Germany, Poland

Rich classroom links to many topics available for study in Modern and Ancient History. This popular tour provides new perspectives through which you can engage your students from Year 7 History to Senior Ancient and Modern History. Covering the Great Wars, Medieval Europe, the Eternal City, the Middle Ages and so much more.

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Geography & Science

Hawaii, Big Island & Oahu

Unique landscapes including volcanos, cloud forests, coral reefs and black sand beaches, just to name a few! Your students will explore and discover the wonders of the environment on these archipelago islands where paradise is on display in its natural form. An educational tour of Hawaii with beauty, culture and adventure.

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Why the need for a Maths tour? We rediscover secrets of our ancestors who could construct mega buildings without Hi-Tech instruments with precision. Maths will be taught with magnificent historical monuments as a backdrop without sophisticated tools but simple methods using more of logic inherited in us. In addition, story-telling will engage the students in understanding the topics and solving the problems.

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England, Scotland, Ireland

The land of literary greats such as William Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. Students will enjoy an assortment of dedicated museums, costumed performances, West End Theatre and workshops across London and the English countryside. Trips to charming Bath, Oxford and the Cotswolds before heading to Scotland and Ireland for a well-rounded tour of Great Britain is a must. We can custom design a tour that includes all of your wants and classroom needs.

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West & East Coast USA

A tour to the United States as the perfect option to cover all the subject bases of S.T.E.M. Our itinerary takes in iconic sights such as Kennedy Space Centre and Disney World, Silicon Valley and LA, just to name a few. Sessions with experts in their fields, simulations, workshops and guided tours will have your students engaged and excited resulting in a better understanding of required learning outcomes.

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