Air, Sea & Land

It’s not just about the destination, it’s also about the journey!

Whether you choose to travel by air, sea or land, we have you covered and getting there can sometimes be just as exciting as that final holiday destination. TravelEd have the knowledge and experience to make every aspect of your holiday memorable. We have access to hundreds of fares with all major airlines so you can get the flight that’s right for you. Whether it be the quickest or the cheapest; the best in business or first, or whether you want that Round the World fare or interesting stopover, we can sit with you and work out what will make your holiday just that little bit easier and that much more memorable.

But if you don’t want to fly, you don’t have to! Unpack once and see the splendors of what this world has to offer. Cruise out of Australia on that easy family getaway, live it up in five-star luxury on a yacht through Tahiti or Antarctica or experience some of the wondrous canals in Europe and Asia on a River Cruise. No ship is too big or small; if you want all the hype or if you want understated; if you want to cruise – we can find the ship that will suit your needs.

Want to keep it on solid ground?

One of the best ways to see the countryside is by car or rail! Sit back on some of the world’s greatest train journeys and watch the scenery go by. If it’s the Canadian Rockies, Transiberian Rail, Rovos Rail through Africa or our very own Ghan Railway – it really is a truly memorable experience. We also have extensive experience in using the railway networks through places like Europe and Japan, enabling us to work out the most cost effective and easiest way to make use of your time.

Or if a self-drive itinerary is what you’re looking for – we can help plan that perfect itinerary, get in that car and see where the roads take you! Our experienced consultants can help you from their own personal driving holiday experiences so you only get the nice surprises of what may lay around the corner!