Event Tours

Who doesn’t love the excitement of an event? We do! And we can help you get there.

As an individual or group, TravelEd can design your journey around an event anywhere in the world at any time of the year. You may have had a dream for a long time or you are an avid subscriber to join your annual special event. It may be a sporting event like MotoGP, Wimbledon Tennis or World Cup Rugby? It might be a cultural event like Holi Festival of colours in India or Saga Dawa Festival in Tibet? And then there are the many festivals around the world such as, Oktoberfest, Glastonbury or Carnivale in Rio. So many events, so little time!

Whether you are a group of friends, an association, extended family or an individual who wants to join in on the festivities; we are able to create a tour which includes your event or events. TravelEd will also assist with extended time either side of your event to make your trip truly memorable. Why not make the most of it!