Independent and Family Travel

We take the pressure off; our experienced team will create a journey full of memories that will last a lifetime.

TravelEd are excited to plan the trip you have been dreaming of. Your holiday is only limited to as far as your imagination will take you. Whether it is touring the world independently or taking the family on that holiday they have been asking for; TravelEd can help you find the perfect destination anywhere in the world that suits all of your wants and needs.

We understand that everyone has different desires when they travel, that is why we take particular attention to what your wishes are. TravelEd can tailor-make the trip of a life time. With over 120 travel partners worldwide, we are able to seamlessly construct the best of any travel itinerary. As independent travellers, we offer you private, personalized and flexibility when designing a trip for you. Air, Sea or land; relaxing or adventure; we have you covered. Our specialists can offer our recommendations from personal experiences and expertise of what the industry has to offer. You can be assured we are able to find the right holiday for you as an individual.

Family time is quality time; we can help you create memories that will last forever.

When it comes to family holidays, we understand that everyone wants to go to somewhere different. Our experts have families of their own and understand that a family holiday should suit everyone’s wishes, whilst satisfying the budget, ages, the location, safety and security. But most of all we want you to have an enjoyable and stress-free experience from your first ideas until you return from your journey. Whether it’s cruising our great oceans, screaming on roller coasters, skiing the slopes of the world’s mountains, family time on Safari in Africa, or enjoying the sights of Australia; we are able to make your family’s adventure become a reality.

TravelEd are able to find the right holiday for your family that keeps everyone happy. Fun and entertainment for the kids can be arranged while Mum and Dad get to also enjoy a well- deserved break, making sure that above all else, the whole family have a great time.